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Piedmont Founders

It was a close-knit community populated in the 1870s almost entirely by Swedish immigrants. Among the earliest settlers were the Andersons, Thollanders, Jacksons, Olsons, and Larrsons.

1890 Apopka town School and Church Platt

Zelotes and Christiana

Zelotes and Christiana Mason were major pioneers in the Apopka area. They settled several areas of the community. A road traversing east-west through section 10, including the cemetery, is a road named Mason after Zelotes.  Christiana is the name of north-south road that started in the cemetery. 

Stewart Clan Jonathan Clay Stewart Eliza

Jonathan and


The Stewarts were very important pioneers in Northwest Orange County. Their extended family are included in the Old Church Cemetery (Apopka Baptists Cemetery) in center of Section10 

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