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The Musuem

The Museum of the Apopkans is a log cabin across Fifth Street from City Hall and behind the city's water department under large live oak trees.  The patio is paved with bricks where you can sit and enjoy the constantly changing weather of central Florida.


The mission of the Apopka Historical Society is to collect, interpret and present the history and culture of North West Orange County, Florida to all the people of the Apopka area and to other visitors attracted to the city. The Society is dedicated to education and to promoting pride in the heritage of the men and women, from all stations of life that lived, worked and died to make Apopka special.




The Apopka Historical Society was organized in 1968 and incorporated in 1971. The Apopka Historical Society are the caretakers of the artifacts representing the history of Apopka and Northwest Orange County. The Museum of the Apopkans is the physical building that houses these artifacts and is owned by the city of Apopka. The city provides support for the museum in maintaining the building and grounds and utilities. At the present time the Apopka Historical Society is staffing the Museum, as the city has not hired a Museum Director or staff person to oversee the museum.


Artifacts Collections


Photo archives of people and buildings Many artifacts from the 1800s to the early 1950s Many local Indian artifacts found near Lake Apopka Artifacts from the lumber, citrus, turpentine and foliage industries


Research Collections


Microfilm of The Apopka Chief newspaper from 1923 - 1930 and 1950 to 2002. Scape books of articles taken from The Apopka Chief concerning different dates, people and events in Apopka's past.


Educational Programs


The historical society presents displays at local events and conducts field trips to the museum



Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: No


Publications and Mementos


The historical society has published a picture book of life in Northwest Orange County from 1845 to 2000. Several books on Apopka and the area are available for sale in the Museum Gift Shop and on the online Gift Shop,

Use cash or check in the Museum or pay online by credit or debit card then pick up in the Museum or order two of the books online for home delivery. 

What will you see? 


1886 Map of Town of Apopka

Foot Pedal Sewing Machine

Periodic Feature Exhibits

Hand and Fire Hewn Canoes

Ancient Indian Arrow Heads

Fern and Citrus Farming Equipment

1948 McCormick Farmall Tractor

Turpentine Extraction Display

In 1971, the initial board of directors included President Mrs. Elizabeth Grossenbacher, Vice-President Mrs. Mildred S. Whiteside, Secretary Mrs. Reba R. Evans, Curator Mr. Edward A. Miner, and directors Mayor John H. Land, Miss Elin Larson, and Miss Mary Lee Welch.[3]

Artifact Donation Form

Please complete a Receipt for Artifacts to document your contribution and attest to the ownership and authenticity

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Apopkan 4-23-2007 Marshall, Randell T. Sergeant 22 US Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack Diyala Sadah U.S. Army 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Reg, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Georgia, Fitzgerald

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